This is a short post to address the High Sierra issues with Chrome or Firefox when rendering the applications.


  • Google chrome runs slow, freezes
  • Firefox runs slow or freeze
  • Other applications run slow or freeze
  • Mouse cursor freezes routinely during normal system operation

System Info:

  • Operating system: High Sierra 10.13.1
  • Hardware: MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013)
  • Chrome version: 62.0.3202.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Firefox version: 56.0 (64-bit)
  • Monitors: 2 x 27 inch DELL P2715Q 4K

My ordeal

I gleefully upgraded my macbook pro retina 15 inch to High Sierra and quickly realized that the cursor freezes constantly and chrome is virtually unusable due to the lag in rendering pages.  Even scrolling through any web page was a jittery, painful and annoying ordeal.  Firefox was equally annoying but in a different way; it lagged horribly while typing so much that the lag between typing on the keyboard and rendering on the page took about 4 seconds – RIDICULOUS.


I tried to figure out what was going on by checking the activity monitor while each app was being stupid but nothing really jumped out at me except the WindowServer service.  It tended to use more CPU when firefox was trying to catch up with the letters I typed.

Solution (temporary)

The window server service is one of the core processes in Mac OSx and is responsible for enabling applications to display things on all your screens.  It is what draws to the screen to enable you to use your system. With this realization, I attempted to set the displays to their default settings. I set the resolution for all monitors to “Default for display” and  All issues went away immediately.




This is a bandaid solution till apple gets their shit together.  Yes you will loose some real estate on that 4K or 32K monitor, but you’ll have your sanity for a bit longer.

Apple!! Find the problem with the WindowServer…. then … FIX IT!!